Pakistani visual effects artist wins third Oscar

HOLLYWOOD: Pakistan national visual effects artist Mir Zafar Ali won Oscar for third time.

Zafar’s latest work in Frozen, extremely liked by audience, especially the scenes in which Princes Elsa build her own ice palace. All visual presentations behind these scenes are done by Zafar Ali.

The movie Frozen broke all previous records by obtaining optimum business on Box Office.

38 year old visual artist Zafar said while taking Oscar award that he finds himself very blessed that Almighty Allah has given him such fame and his efforts got supreme reward in the form of Oscar.

Mir Zafar Ali got his first Oscar in 2008 for working in the movie named as The Golden Compass. Life of pie was the second film which led Zafar wins second Oscar.

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Christians celebrate Easter with religious fervour

KARACHI: Christians celebrating Easter with great religious fervour and enthusiasm on Sunday amid tight security. Easter is the culmination of the 40-day Lent, which is a time of fasting, giving alms and repenting.

Special midnight services were offered at all churches throughout the country to mark the beginning of the Easter celebrations.

Easter main ceremony was held at the Vatican City, where flames from thousands of candles illuminated the dark hall inside Christianity’s holiest shrine on Saturday as worshippers participated in the holy fire ceremony, a spiritual event in Orthodox Easter rites and Pope Francis highlighted the teachings of the Prophet Christ.

The Easter in Pakistan began with the special prayer service in different churches and candles lit in the houses and hymn recited. The Christian community specially prayed for the welfare of the country and the nation on this occasion.

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Northern Mexico plane crash kills 8

MEXICO CITY: A Hawker 800 jet crashed in northern Mexico late on Saturday, killing all eight people on board, the government of the state of Coahuila said.

The plane came down in an industrial estate in the municipality of Ramos Arizpe, just north of state capital Saltillo, the Coahuila attorney general´s office said in a statement.

According to preliminary findings, the jet departed from the Mexican Caribbean island of Cozumel on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and was bound for Ramos Arizpe, the statement said.

It was not clear what caused the crash.

Separately, authorities in Naucalpan on the northwestern fringe of Mexico City said late on Saturday that a three-way car collision there had killed at least eight people and injured 12 others, some of them seriously.

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Bomber hits university kills 9 in Iraq


BAGHDAD: Attacks in Iraq, including a suicide bombing at a university in north Baghdad, killed at least nine people on Sunday, security and medical officials said.

The attacks, which come as Iraq suffers a prolonged surge in bloodshed, took place less than two weeks before a parliamentary election that will be a major test for security forces. Officials gave varying accounts of the bombing of Baghdad´s Imam Kadhim University.

A police colonel said a suicide attacker entered the university before detonating their explosives, while another bomber and a gunman were killed by security forces.

An interior ministry official meanwhile said the bombing took place at the entrance to the university, while a second bomber was shot dead. The attack killed at least three people and wounded at least nine, officials said.

Iraq is hit by daily bombings and shootings that kill hundreds of people each month, but attacks targeting universities are relatively rare.

In Babil province, south of Baghdad, a car bomb killed three people and wounded four, while two more car bombs killed three people and wounded 26 in Al-Rumaitha in Muthanna province, further south.

Iraqis vote on April 30 in the first parliamentary election since American troops left the country in late 2011.

While they were able to keep violence to a minimum during provincial polls last year, the security forces have failed to halt a subsequent year-long surge in unrest. The heightened violence has been driven principally by widespread anger among the Sunni Arab minority, who say they are mistreated by the Shiite-led government and security forces.

It has also been fuelled by the bloody civil war in neighbouring Syria, which has bolstered militant groups. Violence has killed more than 460 people in Iraq this month and upwards of 2,700 this year, according to AFP figures based on security and medical sources.


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