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Davis an employee of private security firm

WASHINGTON: ABC News, a major US media network, has identified Raymond Davis, an American accused of killing two Pakistani men, as an employee of a private security company.

The company, Hyperion Protective Consultants LLC, is based at 5100 North Lane, Orlando, Florida 32808.

The Huffington Post, a popular US news Website, while commenting on the ABC News report, notes that the firm “seems like a fly-by-night company that, among other small bore services, sells things like pepper spray” and “sounds like a classic CIA cut-out”.

The company`s Website says that it was founded in 1999 by someone called Gerald L. Richardson “to find ways to guide (the customers) through the often foggy areas of loss and risk management”.

Each one of “our hand selected employees brings to the workplace the best attributes available in the south-eastern region of the United States”.

The US Embassy in Islamabad on Saturday demanded that Pakistani authorities release Mr Davis, who faces murder charges in the recent deaths of two men in Lahore, arguing that he was protected by diplomatic immunity.

Pakistani authorities say Mr Davis was a technical adviser working in the US Consulate in Lahore. The authorities also say that they will leave it to the courts to decide whether the consulate employee is protected by diplomatic immunity.

Last week, US State Department spokesman P. J. Crowley told a briefing in Washington that the name had been misreported.

After denying the man`s name is Raymond Davis, Mr Crowley said he could disclose the real identity of the accused. The spokesman also refused to disclose in what capacity did the accuse work for the embassy or why he was apparently carrying a firearm.

“I can confirm that an employee at the US consulate in Lahore was involved in an incident today,” Mr Crowley said on Thursday. “It is under investigation. We have not released the identity of our employee at this point.” —Correspondent.

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No decision yet to hand over Davis to US: Babar

ISLAMABAD: The government said on Sunday it had not yet decided to hand over to the US authorities American citizen Raymond Davis accused of gunning down two young men in Lahore on Thursday.

“It is wrong to say that at this stage the government has decided to send Davis to the US,” said president’s spokesman Farhatullah Babar in a statement. “The government will not sit quiet on the shooting of our nationals,” he said.

Mr Babar added: “The law will take its own course and investigations are still going on. Legal process will be observed and respected.”

Pakistan Muslim League-N chief Nawaz Sharif whose party heads the coalition government in Punjab is reported to have told the US that he and the provincial government could not do anything because the matter was in court.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik refused to comment on the issue, saying he was waiting for the court’s decision. “The matter is sub judice and we should wait for the Punjab government’s report,” he said.

The US embassy in Islamabad has claimed that Davis enjoys diplomatic immunity because he was a member of its technical staff.

According to diplomatic observers here, the issue is becoming complex because the government says it will await the court decision while the US embassy insists that the accused enjoys diplomatic immunity.

Meanwhile, DawnNews said on Sunday that the passport of Davis showed that his name was Raymond Alan Davis and he did not have diplomatic visa but he came to Pakistan on an official/business visa.

According to the passport, he had visited the country nine times and his last Pakistani visa was issued in June last year for two years.

Earlier, the US government claimed that Raymond Davis was not the real name of the accused but refused to say what his name was.

One statement issued by the US embassy described the accused as a staff member of the US Consulate General in Lahore, while another said he was a staff member of the US embassy in Islamabad. And yet another statement issued on Sunday said he was a member of the technical staff of the embassy.

The embassy claimed that under Article 37 of the Vienna Convention, Davis had diplomatic immunity.

It is being said here that the ministry of interior should know the actual identity of the accused and whether or not he was a diplomat.

Davis has also been accused of being on a covert assignment in Pakistan, but ambiguity will remain till the government and the US authorities come up with the factual details about the accused and the Lahore incident.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Interior, Senator Talha Mehmood, demanded at a press conference that the government should make the US personnel an example for wrongdoers.

“The government has to take a strong stand to give exemplary punishment to the US commando for killing innocent people,” he said.

He warned that the heads of all the organisations concerned would be called by the senate committee for questioning if the government showed any leniency in the case.

Doubts on stay

Diplomatic sources in Islamabad said that Raymond Davis had first received a three-month diplomatic visa on a diplomatic passport on request of the US State Department in September 2009. That is the only visa issued to him by the Pakistan embassy in Washington.

On that occasion, the State Department had said Davis would be visiting Pakistan for a short term as a technical adviser. Subsequently, Davis received extensions to his visa in Islamabad or elsewhere.

His presence in Pakistan after the expiry of his first visa in December 2009 was neither known to nor authorised by the Pakistan embassy in Washington or the Foreign Office.

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Altaf backs demand for more provinces

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain has strongly supported a demand for more provinces and said that if the Hazara or Seraiki or other people want provinces of their own they should get them. Addressing a large public meeting attended by people of different ethnic communities and groups — Qaumi Yekjehti Jalsa — at the Jinnah Ground here on Sunday, he said people had the right to demand a province of their own. He called for a referendum to determine people`s will and said that more provinces would not weaken the country, but would rather strengthen it. The gathering of people belonging to various communities — Punjabi, Sindhi, Pakhtoon, Baloch, Seraiki and others — was the first of its kind organised by the MQM. Except for Mr Hussain, most of the speakers addressed the meeting in their own languages. Urdu-speaking people, the MQM claimed, did not attend the meeting. Mr Hussain asked the army and law-enforcement agencies to support the masses in bringing about a revolution in the country. Otherwise, he said, they would have to face the wrath of the oppressed “A revolution has become the country`s destiny and people will welcome those personnel of the army, Rangers and police who will take off their uniform and support them to end injustices and eliminate the menace of corruption,” he said. Mr Hussain referred to mass movements in Tunisia and Egypt and said the large gathering of people belonging to all ethnic and cultural groups in Karachi was `a revolution in itself`. He said no other party had managed in the history of the country to gather so many people belonging to different segments of society. He said the MQM did not want a violent revolution, but those who threw innocent people into furnaces would be dragged into streets. But their palaces and huge mansions would not be burnt down but would be used for education, health and public welfare.Mr Hussain said verdicts of the Supreme Court must be implemented in letter and spirit and corruption must be curbed. He urged the government to reduce its expenditures and trim the number of ministers in order to prop up the tottering economy since any more borrowing from the central bank would result in even higher inflation. He appealed to the government to stop action in Balochistan, to recover all missing persons and release all people who were in custody. He asked the Sindh government to curb incidents of kidnapping for ransom and extortion. Otherwise, he said, “a revolution would take its own course”. Mr Hussain said his party did not want any conflict with anyone and stood for peace and amity. “Although Urdu-speaking people are not attending this huge meeting, my message to them is that you should not retaliate even if your houses are attacked.” He criticised those who called the MQM an ethnic party and asked them to witness “the mammoth public meeting and see for themselves if the multitude of people present here could be brought by force or at gunpoint”. About the US national arrested for killing three people in Lahore, he said the US government was demanding the release of Raymond Davis, but it should first speak about the release of Pakistani citizen Dr Aafia Siddiqui.

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Time to de-weaponise country: Sattar

Islamabad—Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Monday submitted a bill in National Assembly (NA) against illegal weapons, demanded deweaponization to free the country from illegal arms.

The bill was submitted by MQM’s senior leader Farooq Sattar in NA secretariat.

After submitting the bill, MQM Convener Farooq Sattar addressing a press conference said that MQM is a peace loving party. He said in view of deteriorating law and order situation and target killings the MQM has submitted a 24 point deweaponisation bill in the National Assembly

He said that the manufacturing, keeping and using of illegal weapons should be banned. Farooq said that they will also submit the bill in senate soon.

Farooq said that the bill contained some suggestions of procedures to de-weaponized the country. He further said law and order situation is a big problem of the country.

He said that deweaponization is the only way to get peace in the country.

Dr. Farooq Sattar said illegal weapons have become a serious threat to the national security.

He urged the parliament to review the laws pertaining to production, distribution and use of weapons in the country.

“We have not only proposed a solution of this issue, but also have underlined practical steps needed to be taken in this regard,” he said.

“Kidnapping for ransom and increasing incidents of murders and other crimes are becoming an identity of Pakistan.”

In some parts of the country, he said, such incidents are turning into guerrilla wars

He said it is the responsibility of the state to ensure safety of every citizen.

In response to a question regarding target killings he said anti state elements and land mafia is involved in the target killings instead od members of political parties. He said these elements are destroying the city peace behind the façade of political parties.

He said that if all political parties s agree then we would support army operation for dewepaonsition.

He said if implementation of the bill after its approval is not made in three months than the bill proposes heavy penalty and sentences.

He said that tabling of bill by MQM proves that MQM is sincere in ending extremism and terrorism from the entire country including Karachi.

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