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Drone strikes: Pakistan may boycott Chicago summit

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan may boycott the upcoming Nato summit in Chicago and delay its decision to reopen Nato supply routes in retaliation for the latest US drone attack in North Waziristan Agency, officials said.This was the first such attack since parliament last month approved new guidelines on relations with the United States, which included a call for an end to drone strikes in Pakistani territory.

A statement issued by the Foreign Office denounced the latest strike as “a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty”.

“Such attacks are in total contravention of international law and established norms of interstate relations,” it added. The matter would be taken up through diplomatic channels both in Islamabad and Washington.

A senior government official told The Express Tribune that Pakistan was contemplating a number of options to convey a strong message on drone strikes to the US. One such option includes pulling out of the Chicago summit scheduled for May. It was, however, not clear whether Islamabad was formally invited to the gathering of nearly 50 heads of states and governments.

US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Marc Grossman did request the Pakistani leadership during his recent trip to attend the summit, said the official. “The latest drone attack clearly is an attempt to discredit democracy in Pakistan,” added the official, who was part of recent negotiations between Islamabad and Washington.

Abandoned school targeted

The latest strike took place in Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan, on Sunday.The drone fired two missiles targeting an abandoned girls’ high school building used by militants, officials said. The school which is located in Qari Masjid village was abandoned by schoolchildren due militancy in the area.

“The building had been taken over by militants,” a local resident said.  An official from the area confirmed that three people have been killed and two wounded. “However, there are reports that there might be six suspected militants killed,” he added. Another security official said the compound was used mainly by Uzbek and Tajik militants.

(With additional reporting by Zulfiqar Ali in D I Khan and agencies)Published in The Express Tribune, April 30th, 2012.

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Shahbaz hits back at Rehman Malik

The CM lashed out at Rehman Malik, who leveled serious allegations of financial corruption against the Sharifs in his Saturday’s Press Conference and Sunday’s media talk in Islamabad, and termed the accusations a total fraud.

“Rehman Malik is the IG of liars (top liar) who is trying to defame us by leveling such allegations,” a furious Shahbaz Sharif told a gathering after he formally inaugurated the Muslim Town Dual Flyover worth Rs2 billions here on Sunday.

“I am not like the corrupt rulers (Ali Baba Chalees Chor) who could meet anyone in darkness (secretly). I meet the people in daylight,” he said, alleging that the rulers had earmarked their ‘share’ in the federal budget.

He said some people were unhappy with his development projects, some of them in education sector. “They feel uneasy when they see the (poor) children getting education in Punjab,” he added.

He claimed if the PML-N government was given another chance to serve the nation, it would end power loadshedding within three years.

The chief minister said though he didn’t claim his all projects were corruption-free, the Punjab government’s development schemes were almost transparent.

He appreciated the role of Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani and performance of National Logistic Cell (a subsidiary organisation of the army) for undertaking andcompleting various development projects in Lahore and other parts of the province.

Though Muslim Town Dual Flyover was to be opened on March 23, 2012 according to a deadline fixed by the CM in August last, the project management could only open the Bridge-1 on the announced date.

On March 23, 2012, the CM inspected the on-going project work and finally ordered the authorities to complete the second bridge till April 18. However, the second bridge could not be opened for traffic before April 21, three days after the second deadline.

Presently, the project management is busy constructing service roads and completing other pending works under the bridges.

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Pakistan plane crash: passenger list

ISLAMABAD: Below is the list issued by Bhoja Air of the Passengers who were on board the ill-fated Flight 213. The Captain of the Flight was, Captain Noorullah Afridi, First Officer Javed Malik, Purser Ghazala Malik, Air Hostess Princes Flavia, Air Hostess Sanam Farid.

The Passengers on board this flight were:

1. Abbas Ali2. Abida Javed Malik3. Adeel Chughtai4. Aiman Ikram5. Altamash Khan6. Anisa Akbar7. Anum Hussain8. Asif Aftab9. Asmaa Ahmad10. Ataur Rehman11. Azizur Rehman12. Baqir Mehdi13. Bibi Hameeda14. Chand Baboo15. Chd Faiq16. Dilshad Kamaal17. Dr Abdul Qadir18. Dr Asadullah19. Fahira Laiq20. Farah Sajid21. Fatima22. Fehmeeda Zubair23. Ghulam Farooq Qasmi24. Ghulam Rehman25. Gul26. Gul Faraz27. Gul Sharif Jana28. Gul Zaman29. Habibur Rehman30. Hafeezur Rehman31. Hafsa Chughtai32. Hafsa Shahid33. Haleema Sadia34. Hamida Khadima Baloch35. Haris Haris36. Husun Nisa37. Imran Waheed38. Irfan Ali39. Javed Akhtar Malik40. Javed Iqbal41. Kalo Abbasi42. Khwaja Raziuddin43. Liauqat Ali44. Masooda Begum45. Mishir Jan46. Mohammad Atiq Khan47. Mrs Mohammad Latif48. Mohammad Latif49. Moiz Sadiq50. Mrs Khalida51. Ms Yumna52. Muhammad Abdul Hafeez53. Muhamad Anwar Khan54. Muhammad Ashfaq Khan55. Muhammad Farooq56. Muhammad Irfan57. Muhammad Irfan58. Muhammad Qasim59. Muhammad Shahnawaz60. Muhammad Sohail61. Muhammad Younus62. Muhammada Abdullah63. Mujtaba Siyal64. Mukhan Jan65. Munawar Sultana66. Musarrat Shaheen67. Nadir Khan Fazaldad68. Nasreen69. Nazmeen70. Nighat Mehdi71. Nihaluddin Alvi72. Nisar Ahmed73. Nuzhat74. Qamar Aftab75. Qari Muhammad Abdul Rahman76. Rakh Shanda77. Rakhshanda78. Rashida Rehman79. Raza Ali Khan Feroz80. Ree Han81. SM Saud Ishaq82. Saba Amber83. Sadaf Baloch84.Sadaf Tanveer85. Saeed Khan86. Saeeda Akhtar87. Sania Abbas88. Sarah Chughtai89. Sardar Shah90. Sarwat Mumtaz91. Shabbir Ahmad Awan92. Shahid Iqbal93. Shamima Abdullah94. Shazia Baloch95. Sobia Ubaid96. Suleiman Chughtai97. Sumaiyah Chughtai98. Syed Muhammad Amjad99. Syed Muhammad Rizwan100. Syed Omar Ali101. Syed Sajjad Ali Rizvi102. Syeda Amjad Shaheen103. Syeda Rizwan Sufia104. Tabbasum Sarwat105. Tabia Rehman106. Talat Mahmood Qureshi107. Tanveer Jan108. Tariq Mehmood109. Tasadouq Mahmood110. Tasneem Begum111. Tuba Shewar112. Usman Rahim113. Usman Rasheed114. Uzma Inam115. Wajat Abbasi116. Waji Ha117. Yasmin Muhammad Sultan118. Zaheer Shah119. Zahida Aziz120. Zaibun Nisa121. Zuhra Begum Passenger break up : Adults 110, Children 6, Infants 5.

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Agni-V launch places India on a footing with China: US media

New York: India’s successful test-fire of its first inter-continental ballistic missile heightens fears of an Asian arms race, even as it places the country on a footing with China, US media reports said of the launch.

“The launching comes amid growing international apprehension about the militarisation of Asia and a stepped-up strategic rivalry between the United States and China in Asia,” the New York Times said in its report of the successful launch by India of the Agni V missile. The missile’s range of 5000 kilometres gives it the ability to strike Beijing and Shanghai, “heightening fears of an Asian arms race,” the US daily said.

The missile launch, from Wheeler Island off the coast of Odisha on Thursday, “increases the perception of an arms race, and the reality of an arms race, in East Asia, particularly between China and India,” the report quoted Graeme Herd, head of the international security programme at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, which trains diplomats on peace and security issues, as saying.

Mr Herd said the timing of the launch may be seen as particularly provocative, coming as China’s government deals with a scandal involving one of its top officials, and after the US stepped up its military presence in the Pacific.

“All of this, from the Chinese perspective, looks like a movement from balancing China to containing China,” Herd said adding that this could inspire China to strengthen its weapons stockpile further and forge closer ties with Pakistan and Central Asia countries.

The Wall Street Journal quoted experts as saying that Agni-V is the most advanced missile in India’s inventory and “places the country on a footing with Beijing,” which already has missiles capable of striking deep into Indian territory.

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