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Samsung Galaxy S4 ‘life companion for a richer, simpler and fuller life’

Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, recently unveiled the new Galaxy S4 and its distinguished features in the form of a storytelling play of daily life at its own “Samsung Unpacked Event” at Radio City Music Hall, New York City.

The event showcased how users would benefit from the S4 new features and overshadowed the concurring electronics shows.

J. K. Shin, president and head of IT and mobile communications division at Samsung, said: “Galaxy S4 is smaller in size and more performing than its predecessors, and it will truly become a life companion for a richer, simpler and fuller life.”

Indeed, Samsung outstandingly held the part of its teasing campaign, mapping out a remarkable addition to the Galaxy S franchise with the new S4, he said.

New York’s Time Square and the world witnessed between six to nine (evening local time) the “unpacking” through live streaming as Samsung unveiled its next smart phone flagship.

During the event, each and every one of the envied insider lived the “hands-on Galaxy Studio” experience, Shin said and outlined the exclusive features of the new smartphone

The Galaxy S 4 is now thinner and lighter than S3 as it comes with a 4.99” Full HD Super AMOLED screen (441 ppi) with 1080X1920HP clarity weighing only 130 g.

It also boasts a ‘Dual Camera’ function.
At the same time, this function enables one to make and receive a video call while showing what they are looking at during the call.

Its 13 mega pixel rear camera and 2 mega pixel front camera have exceeded expectations too. Now one can send videos, while taking a picture and recording a voice/sound that goes with it.

In fact both cameras can be used simultaneously, for example it’s possible for one to take their picture and their family’s using both the front and back camera at the same time.

Users can select 8 different ways to combine the two photos taken by the front camera and the rear camera.

The camera functionality extends beyond Dual Camera, as the device is also equipped with 12 outstanding shooting modes, including ‘Drama Shot’, which allows you to see all the action in one continuous time-lapse, and ‘Sound & Shot,’which uniquely stores sound and voice together as the picture is taken so those special moments are captured in the truest form imaginable, exactly as they happened.

In addition, the ‘Adapt Display’ adjusts the screen’s content colors to the user’s comfort to provide an optimal viewing experience, customized for each type of application, even to those users who live in cold countries, so they can keep their gloves on while scrolling.

All under the new Jelly Bean 4.2 version, the new S4 comes with an internal memory of at least 16GB, and a 2GB RAM, with the possibility of increasing it with an external Micro SD.

The expanded storage can take up to 64GBs. The battery will have the capacity of 2600 MAH.
‘Air Gesture’ enables the user to use his smart phone simply by utilizing air gestures, but unlike the gestures seen on the note devices using the S-pen, now the user needs only to use their finger.

With Air Gesture, the user can change the music track, scroll up and down a web page, or accept a call with the wave of a hand. So now one can answer their phone, or do other commands by just waving their hand above the device without touching it.

Also, the S4 ‘ChatOn’ application comes with enhancements such as the video chat and can share both views of front and back cameras at the same time. Among its new applications such as Chat On and its own e-mail comes the S Translator, which can translate words and sentences between 9 languages — one can write the word or simply say it

and the phone will translate it.
The new ‘Group Play’ function is a service that allows up to 8 Galaxy S4 users to connect and play a game together, or it can be used to get a surround sound effect on a favorite song by assigning each phone to work as a channel of a surround sound system.

With its Group Play function, users can enjoy music, photos, documents and games with those around them without even requiring a Wi-Fi AP or cellular signal.

This innovative feature enables users to connect directly with others to share, play and co-create content and entertainment instantly.

‘Smart Pause’ is the upgraded ‘Smart Stay’ feature, which detects the user’s movement and if, for instance, while watching a movie the user takes their eyes off the screen or look elsewhere, the phone “smartly” pauses. And as it smartly pauses, it will also restart smartly. ‘Smart Scrolling’ also makes it possible for this phone to understand that you want to scroll down by reading your eyes movement.

Samsung’s S Health is a new built-in application that can connect to new accessories, which provide you with information that keeps you fit on top of monitoring your health frequently in a day by registering temperature and humidity data through its two new sensors and it even advices the user what healthy diet to follow based on his calories intake.

The S4 will be available in 155 countries by the end of April.

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Samsung to release Tizen OS handset this year

Samsung announce plans to launch high-end devices using the Tizen open-source platform by the end of summer.


Following the success of Samsung’s Android-powered handsets such as the Galaxy S2 and S3, the Tizen phone will be one of three premium handsets released by the company this year.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled yesterday and the Galaxy Note 8.0 will also hit the market to compete with its biggest rivals, Apple.

Bloomberg interviewed executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile division, Lee Young Hee, who states, “The device will be the best product equpped with the best specifications.”

No other Tizen devices are on sale yet but Chase Perrin from Tizen Association says users should expected ‘thousands’ of applications. The device will run on an open-source software platform.

Samsung is under pressure to hold its place as the world’s biggest maker of mobile phones following Google’s acquisition of Motorola’s Mobility Holdings Inc. last year.

Tizen is one of many operating systems reported to be released in the future along with Ubuntu Touch, Firefox OS & Sailfish. Samsung is among 12 companies developing Tizen inclunding, Intel and Sprint Nextel.

Young Hee says the phone will be available “in August or September, and this will be in the high-end category.”

Source: Bloomberg

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