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bangladesh vs Pakistan

1st Odi Match

1st odi match, april 17 (friday) 2015 at sher-e-bangla cricket stadium

2nd Odi Match

2nd odi match, april 19 (sunday) 2015 at sher-e-bangla cricket stadium

3nd Odi

3rd odi match, april 22 (wednesday) 2015 at sher-e-bangla cricket stadium

T20 Match

only t20 match, april 24 (friday) 2015 at sher-e-bangla cricket stadium

1st Test Match

1st test match, april 28 (tuesday) 2015 at sheikh abu naser stadium

2nd Test Match

2nd test match, may 06 (wednesday) 2015 at sher-e-bangla cricket stadium

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Top Typhoon jets deployed in air raids

typhoon jets

The Saudi Air Force has deployed top Typhoon jets, known for their maneuverability and speed, for the first time in the bombing campaign on Houthi positions in Yemen.

Only six countries in the world own Typhoon jets. They are Saudi Arabia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain and Britain. The Kingdom bought 72 in an $8-billion deal with Britain and has received 24, which were assembled in the country.

The deal includes training of Saudi pilots and technicians. Hundreds of qualified citizens have now been deployed to work on these planes. The first two were delivered to the King Fahd Airbase in Taif.

The Typhoon plane is equipped with the latest technology. It can take off quickly if needed, is highly maneuverable and cannot be detected on radar. It can carry 13 rockets, four under each wing and five under the fuselage. It can also carry cruise missiles and anti-ground defense systems.

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Iran supporting Houthis “with arms and money”


Iran is supporting the Houthis with weapons and money in Yemen, including helping them on the ground to build arms factories, according to Saudi Ambassador in the United States Adel Al-Jubeir.

Speaking at a press conference with American and Arab journalists in Washington on Monday, Al-Jubeir said this is also the view of the American administration.

“Iran provides financial support for the Houthis, helps them build weapon factories, and gives them weapons. In addition, that there are Iranians working alongside the Houthis,” Al-Jubeir told journalists.

The envoy cited reports that the US has already intercepted an Iranian cargo ship loaded with weapons and missiles destined for the Houthis, saying: “When I talk with US officials, they know that this is what the Iranians are doing with the Houthis. There is no difference between us and the United States of America relating to Iran’s support for the Houthis.”

The Saudi diplomat reportedly warned foreign governments not to underplay the role of Iran and its Revolutionary Guards in backing the Houthis and other insurgent forces in the Middle East.

Al-Jubeir drew comparisons to the Lebanese militia, Hezbollah, and claims in the 1980s that it was largely an independent actor from Iran, even while it received money, weapons and training from the Revolutionary Guards. This analysis was wrong, Al-Jubeir said.

“We don’t want people to make the same mistake with the Houthis,” he said.

“Operation Decisive Storm is ongoing and we are in the process of destroying weapons that may pose a threat to the Kingdom, whether they are air weapons or ballistic missiles or heavy weapons, and we have destroyed Al-Houthi’s centers of command,” he said.

He said there continues to be support for the coalition from partners and allies around the world, including France, Britain and the US.

Al-Jubeir said there are efforts underway to find a political solution to the crisis and ensure a stable Yemen. Yemenis should reach an agreement based on the Gulf initiative and the results of the national dialogue, he said.

“We are sure that this process cannot be carried out without the presence of a legitimate government and adhering to a number of principles which prohibit any use of force or possession of heavy weapons by any group outside the legitimate security forces in the country,” he said.

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Coalition forces upbeat on Day 12


Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif and Defense Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited the King Khaled Air Base at Khamis Mushayt on Sunday evening to boost the morale of the fighters engaged in Operation Decisive Storm.

The deputy crown prince was briefed on the air operations and their specific objectives and their preparedness.

Prince Mohammed bin Naif and Prince Mohammed bin Salman met with the commanders of the coalition forces and the pilots involving in the air operations.

In Islamabad, Pakistani Defense Minister Khawaja Asif emphasized his country’s resolve in protecting the Kingdom against any threat to its territorial integrity.

Addressing a joint session of Parliament, he said: “Pakistan cannot afford to give up and that he visited Riyadh last week to discuss the situation with Saudi officials.”

In Rabat, Saudi Ambassador to Morocco, Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed Al-Judia, confirmed that Operation Decisive Storm came in response to the appeal of Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi to stand against the onslaught of the Houthis.

He said that Houthis were trying to overthrow the legitimate government in Yemen.

He added that the Houthis are a threat to national security of Yemen and its stability as well as the security of the Kingdom, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the Arab security.

The Saudi ambassador said that there is a regional power supporting these terrorist movements and is seeking to extend its influence and hegemony over the Middle East in general, and the Arabian Gulf in particular.

He said dialogue among various political Yemeni actors is always the preferred option for the Kingdom, the GCC countries and the countries of the coalition, citing in this field the Gulf initiative to save Yemen.

He appreciated the participation of Morocco in the coalition and hailed Saudi-Moroccan relations and their joint anti-terrorism efforts.

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