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Cancer Information Sources




Information about cancer is available in libraries, on the Internet, and from many

Government and private sector organizations. Most libraries have resources to help people

locate cancer-related articles in the medical and scientific literature, as well as cancer

information written specifically for patients and the public. Information may also be accessed

through the Internet using a computer, and many libraries offer public access to computers.

The Internet is a worldwide system of computer networks containing information on a

wide variety of subjects, including cancer. Internet users can find information through the World

Wide Web (WWW) and electronic mail (e-mail). The WWW allows access to information that

Key Points


• The National Cancer Institute’s Web site, http://www.cancer.gov, provides access to

information about cancer (see the National Cancer Institute section).

• The National Library of Medicine is the world’s largest medical library. It is open to

the public, and its databases can be accessed on the Internet (see The National

Library of Medicine section).

Cancer information is also available through the National Network of Libraries of

Medicine and on the Healthfinder Web site (see the National Network of Libraries of

Medicine and Healthfinder sections).

• Books and articles about cancer can be found in public, university, hospital, and

medical school libraries (see the Public, University, and Medical Libraries section).

may include text and graphics or text only. E-mail can be used to order documents and

communicate with people who can answer questions and offer technical support.

National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Web site, http://www.cancer.gov, is a one-stop

resource for cancer information. This Web site provides immediate access to critical information

and resources about cancer, helping people with cancer become better informed about their

disease and play a more active role in their treatment and care. The site’s information is

logically arranged by topic, and a search function allows convenient text-word searching across

all NCI Web pages. Search results often include “Best Bets” at the top of the search results

pages. Best Bets are editorially selected Web pages that are judged to be most pertinent to the

search term(s) used. NCI’s Web site is a comprehensive resource that enables users to quickly

find accurate and up-to-date information about all types of cancer, clinical trials (research studies

with people), research programs, funding opportunities, cancer statistics, and the Institute itself.

Many of the NCI’s cancer information resources are accessible through the cancer topics

section of the Institute’s Web site at http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics on the Internet. This

section contains information from PDQ®, NCI’s cancer information database, including

information about ongoing clinical trials. Over 160 PDQ information summaries about cancer

treatment, supportive care, screening, prevention, genetics, and complementary and alternative

medicine are available. Written by experts and updated regularly, these summaries are based on

current standards of care and the latest research. Most of the cancer information summaries are

available in both a technical version for health professionals and a nontechnical version for

patients, their families, and the general public. Many are also available in Spanish.

The NLM allows free access to MEDLINE through PubMed®. PubMed is an

easy-to-use search tool for finding journal articles of interest in the health and medical sciences.

It was developed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the NLM. PubMed

provides links to the full text of articles and other resources at the Web sites of participating

publishers. User registration, a subscription fee, or other fees may be required to access the full

text of articles in some journals. PubMed is also linked to molecular biology databases and to

PubMed Central, an electronic archive of life sciences journal literature. PubMed can be found

at http://pubmed.gov on the Internet.

The NLM Gateway is another way to access information from the NLM. The NLM

Gateway is designed to provide an overview of the NLM’s resources, including journal articles,

books, serials, audiovisuals, meeting abstracts, databases, and consumer health information.

This resource allows users to search several of the NLM’s databases at once. However, users

may find that one resource, such as PubMed or MedlinePlus


(see below), has the information

they need. They may then choose to go to that resource for a more focused search. The NLM

Gateway is available at http://gateway.nlm.nih.gov on the Internet.

MedlinePlus is the NLM’s Web site for consumer health information. This site includes

links to information on more than 650 health topics, the latest health news, a medical

encyclopedia, medical dictionaries, databases (including MEDLINE), interactive health tutorials,

drug information, directories, organizations, publications, and consumer health libraries. People

can access MedlinePlus at http://medlineplus.gov on the Internet.

Loansome Doc® is an NLM service that allows users to order full-text copies of articles

found in MEDLINE. Users must establish an agreement with a library that uses DOCLINE®,

the NLM’s automated interlibrary loan request and referral system, and register to use Loansome






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