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ISP Index





Here you see Pakistan ISP names, phone nos. and links.

  ISP Cities Voice Web
  Agha Khan University Karachi 48593435 www.akunet.org
Apolo Online Islamabad 2651361-3 www.apollo.net.pk
Asia Online Karachi 111-99-00-00 www.aol.net.pk
AT&T Global Networks Karachi 7786945 www.att.com
AZM Technologies Karachi 111-476-111 www.amzt.com
Beaconet Lahore 111-200-002 www.beacon.net
BestNet Lahore 2829094-8 www.best.net.pk
Brain Net Karachi, Lahore 111-222-888 www.brain.net.pk
Click Online Peshawar 111-131-111 www.click.net.pk
Compu Net Karachi 111-111-265 www.compunet.com.pk
Comsats Islamabad 111-700-800 www.comsats.net.pk
Cubexs Karachi 5866991 www.cubexs.net.pk
Cyber Access Karachi 4553923 www.cyberaccess.com.pk
Cyber Net Karachi 111-44-55-66 www.cyber.net.pk
Dancom Online Islamabad 111-505-565 www.dancom.com.pk
Digicom Karachi 111-200-111 www.digicom.net.pk
Eworld Karachi 111-246-246 www.eworld.net.pk
Excel Net Islamabad 111-000-707 www.excle-xl.net
Expert Net Okara 526929 www.xpert.net.pk
Fascom Karachi 2400455 www.fascom.com
Fibre Lahore 6660066 www.fiber.net.pk
Gemnet Karachi 111-436-638 www.gem.net.pk
GerrysNet Karachi 111-123-321 www.gerrys.net
Go Net Lahore 111-46-47-48 www.go.net.pk
Habib Rafiq International Karachi, Lahore, lsb. 111-474-375 www.ecell.net.pk
Hamdard Education Net Karachi 4383986-7 www.hamdard.net.pk
InstaNet Karachi 111-46-47-48 www.insta.net.pk
Iqra.Net Peshawar 111-364-364 www.iqranet.net
Micro Net Islamabad 27712051 www.micro.net.pk
MS Net Lahore 111-111-676 www.ms.net.pk
Multinet Karachi, Lahore 111-021-021 www.multi.net.pk
Netsol Karachi 111-638-765 www.netsolir.com
Nexlinx Lahore 111-432-432 www.nexlinx.com
Orbit Net Islamabad 829415 www.orbit.net.pk
PakistanOnline Lahore, Islamabad 111-111-567 www.pol.com.pk
Paknet Karachi, Lahore 111-222-117 www.paknet.com.pk
Robonet Karachi 111-222-324 www.robonets.com
Satnat Karachi 111-728-638 www.sat.net.pk
ShoaNet Islamabad 2828334 www.shoa.net
Speedia Online Islamabad 5471515 www.speedia.net
SSUET.Net Karachi 111-717-717 www.ssuet.net
SuperNet Karachi 5871864-7 www.super.net.pk
Top Net Islamabad 2870071-3 www.topnet.com.pk
TryInternet Karachi 111-221-221 www.tryinter.net
Web Net Karachi 111-36-26-36 www.webnet.com.pk
WorldCALL Karachi, Lahore 111-111-925 www.go4b.net
World Tel Karachi 111-002-003 www.wtmeca.net
World Online Karachi, Lahore 111-600-111 www.wol.com.pk
Zab Net Karachi 111-922-638 www.zab.net.pk




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