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Sunless Tanning - Lotion, spray, booth, saloon - Best Sunless tanning tips


Although sun and tanning is not very popular in India owing to its generally hot conditions. Yet in the winters and early in autumn and springs this does give many physical advantages. There is no doubt that if the heat he tolerable. a tan makes a feel and look good. While dermatologists warn of the dangers of sunbathing, there is also a bright side to the sun. the sun's rays enhance our feeling of well-being, as we feel relaxed and revitalized. They help our bodies to synthesize vitamin D which improves the absorption of minerals.

There is also evidence that a full spectrum of light, we receive from the sun, reaches the brain via the eyes, stimulating the production of hormones, making up feel more energetic and help us improving our mood.


Best skin tan and sunless tanning

Today's sunless tanning products produce much more realistic results. Tanning pills, sunless-tanning or self-tanning lotions and sprays, and cosmetic bronzers are available to impart a subtle bronze glow or a deep, dark tan. Bronzers yield immediate results, although some sunless tanning products require 45 minutes to an hour before taking effect. 

Different types of sunless tanning products

        Bronzers - Cosmetic bronzers powders and moisturizers, once applied, create a tan that can easily be removed with soap and water.

        Tanning Lotions and Sprays - Perhaps the most effective sunless tanning products are lotions and sprays containing dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as the active ingredient.

        Tanning Pills - Tanning pills typically contain the pigment canthaxanthin. Although the FDA has approved the use of canthaxanthin as a color additive in food, it has not approved its use as a tanning agent.

        Tanning Accelerators - Most tanning accelerators are lotions or pills that contain the amino acid tyrosine.








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