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How to moving the taskbar

If you want to move your taskbar.  Mostly I leave mine at the bottom, like the rest of the population, but occasionally I feel like going wild and have the taskbar at the top of my computer.  The Taskbar is that thin bar at the bottom where you can see all your open programs, the start menu, the clock, etc.  Now, in WinXP they made it very nice to move it.  This is how:
  1. Right Click on the Taskbar
  2. Click, Lock the Taskbar, until there is no check there
  3. Left Click on the task bar and move it to where you want it...it will always rest up against an edge, so top, left or right.
  4. Then click, Lock the Taskbar, again and it won't move from that spot.

These are the same instructions for Windows 98, ME, 2k, only you don't have to unlock the taskbar, you just left click on it and move...this was easier, but also you sometimes accidentally moved the task bar when you didn't want it to move, ugh.  Well, there you have it, now put your taskbar to the top and see if you like it.

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