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How to Alphabetizing your Start Menu


In fact that if you go to try and find a program its actually becoming really hard because they're not alphabetized, new programs are stuck on the end, so forth and so on, well, this is a really quick, really easy tip to organize your start menu in Windows XP (I think this also works in Win 98, but I'm upgrading my comp that has Win 98 and can't verify it).  Here are the steps:

  1. First click on the start button
  2. Move your mouse to "All Programs"
  3. Move your mouse to any of the folders there
  4. Right Click
  5. A box will open up, scroll to "Sort By Names" and click

Like magic all the folders and programs will be alphabetized.  This is one of those simple but useful things that will help you organize your computer, unless you really like searching around for programs (bet you also used to enjoy Where's Waldo when you were growing up).  That's it for this tip, give it a try.

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