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The Cardio Myth Exposed!
By Jon Herring 02/09/2010

Endurance exercise – the universally touted “cardio” – is not the key to health and fitness. Quite the opposite. Cardio is a myth that is not only unhealthy and potentially dangerous, it is completely unnatural.

No doubt you’ve heard otherwise from countless health “experts” who urge you to pound the pavement or jump on the treadmill for hours at the gym. But your body wasn’t designed for long, repetitive exercise. Worse, it can make you more vulnerable to disease.

Many of us have come to think of cardio (short for cardiovascular endurance training) as a synonym for heart conditioning. Yet, according to Dr. Al Sears, author of P.A.C.E. – The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution, when you study the heart’s reaction to repeated sessions of cardio, the evidence refutes that theory.

This type of strenuous workout, without rest, mimics prolonged stress. And as you will learn in a moment, it also causes your body to adapt in a way that is counterproductive to your health and longevity.

For all your effort, you only reduce your ability to handle life’s demanding circumstances – and that’s the last thing you want. With less reserve heart capacity available on call, you invite trouble when a stressful situation arises.

But Everyone Says…

Magazines are full of articles on how to keep up with your cardio workouts. Doctors and trainers at the gym say you need to do aerobic endurance exercise to keep your heart in shape. Nothing could be further from the truth. And this is not how our bodies were designed to perform.

Dr Sears’ PACE® program is based on the idea of “native fitness” (how our ancestors survived in the natural environment for eons). It works with your body’s genetic design.

Our ancestors didn’t run marathons or jump around for an hour doing aerobics. And they didn’t sit in front of computers or the television the entire day. They moved around a lot at a low level of exertion. And then every once in a while they exerted themselves at nearly 100% of their capacity – hunting prey or escaping from it.

This pattern of brief intense movement, followed by rest, and lots of low level activity is hardwired in your genes. Your muscles, bones and organ systems are reflections of this genetic design. The way they work together is the formula for strength, vitality and long life.








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