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7 Fitness tips For Aged Women

1. Pay attention to your diet

A lot of food available in the market these days or in restaurants isnít healthy for you. In order to stay fit and healthy you should avoid fried foods, refined sugar, processed foods or basically anything with a long ingredient list. Start eating fruits because theyíre loaded with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. Since you have to avoid refined sugar, fruits are going to be just perfect for you to satisfy your sweet tooth. Fruits do contain sugar but they also contain fiber. The fiber contained in the piece of fruit helps that fruit to not raise your sugar level as much. Go easy on the fruits if youíre trying to lose weight. And if you eat a lot of fruit then you have to be really physically active in order to burn all those carbohydrates off. Itís also important to eat vegetables too because if youíre not eating enough vegetables youíre not going to feel satisfied and full and this is because your body isnít getting the nutrition that it needs.

2. Boost your iron intake

Iron and folic acid are important for your body because they help your body produce red blood cells and also keep the muscles and nerves functioning properly. To get a daily dose of iron and folic you should eat a lot of green vegetables, beans, citrus fruits, juices and chicken. You can also juice the vegetables that are difficult to eat on a daily basis to get the best of them.

3. Boost your calcium intake

As women age they tend to lose calcium in their bones which could lead to arthritis and osteoporosis. In order to keep the calcium level up does include milk, curd and eggs in your diet.

4. Exercise

Your body and health often get neglected due to your busy routine. Itís very important to undergo some sort of physical exercise to keep your body fit and agile. Sitting on a chair and staring at your computer screen for long hours can lead to various health problems. You have to keep moving in order to stay active and to avoid tons of health problems.

Weight training can also prove to be very good for women because it helps in boosting metabolism and tightening their skin. Weight training helps you increase your stamina and it also targets problem areas like thighs and the back.

Photo credit: www.allmedcorp.com

5. Hook onto cardio

To stay fit and maintain heart health get good amount of cardio done. If going to the gym or hiring a personal trainer isnít convenient for you then you can try doing it at home by using a workout application on your phone. You can also take up physical activities like swimming, Pilates or yoga. Try taking stairs instead of elevators or escalators.

6. Get yourself screened for diseases

Get yourself screened for bone mineral density, STD, breast cancer and diabetes. You know your body the best so if youíve observed something unusual you should visit the doctor. Early detection always leads to better treatment. 

7. Drink green tea

Green tea flushes out the toxins in your body especially after you have a greasy meal. It lowers cholesterol level, prevents skin and body infections, it also corrects impaired immune system and prevents break outs.

Photo credit: www.dreamteaboutique.com

Author Bio: This article was written by Rida Maqbool. She blogs at BeautifulYou.com.pk which is a premiere health, beauty and fashion informational portal of Pakistan









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