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How to Succeed in Ad sense Advertising   by Jeff Rudgers

 Google is the most frequently visited piece of real estate anywhere. The high visitation factor makes it an ideal location for advertising. But how can millions of advertisers show their ads on a single website in a way that is meaningful to viewers? Google uses an ingenious algorithm to deliver ads to websites all over the internet that have relevant content. Google rents the ad space from the webmasters on a PPC or pay-per-click basis. This concept is known as AdSense Advertising. The advertiser gets enormous exposure. The webmaster can earn oodles from the clicks. And Google has become the multi-billion dollar Colossus we are familiar with. AdSense Advertising is an easy concept but becomes more challenging when put to practice. That is okay though because you have come to the right article, so read on.

Go to Google.com. Click on the Advertising Programs link. Set up an AdSense account. Fill out the single application. Wait until it gets approved by Google. Then copy and paste the generated HTML code into the source code of your pages. That is what will make the target ads show up on your website.


Find a niche that people seek actively. For the niche to be successful it has to satisfy three criteria: 1) it has to be popular; 2) it has to be associated with something sellable & 3) the Google competition must be low.

Drive traffic to your pages. To make money from AdSense Advertising you need a big volume of visitors to view and sometimes click on the ads, the ads that Google will deliver to your pages. Less people means less money. More people will mean more money provided that the traffic is targeted.

Put great content on your site. Remember, your goal is to retain people on your site, not to trick the search engines. After all, you want the ads to be clicked. Who will do the clicking? Naturally, the people who spend time on your website because they believe you can answer the questions they have.
Optimize your pages. Position the ads on the hotspots of the page. Pick ad formats that look good. Blend ads by removing borders and colors. Don't spend too much time on this step as Steps 1 & 2 are more important.

Become an advanced user in AdSense Advertising. Use rotating keyword definitions that attract search engine spiders. Place rotating RSS feeds that ensure your pages are unique and relevant to the topic. Create contextual ad links inside the content-driven web pages. Don't worry if this doesn't make sense yet. First, You need to read some of the high quality guides out there that will teach you what we covered in more detail. Start here! If you decide to move forward with AdSense, you'll need certain advanced software tools to automate Steps 1 and 2 which is what your success depends on. Consider www.hypervre.com which is a sophisticated website generator. Best of success!

About the Author
Jeff Rudgers is a techie, an avid cyclist and a fan of Electronic Music who lives in Toronto, Canada. He was once broke, and has spent several years investigating business models for making money online. He has concluded that www.onlinewealthfordummies.com is the most sensible entry point into the world of Internet Marketing, for anyone.





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